Discussing Data Management and User Interface Development for Nonprofit Data Display

The State Changers meeting primarily centered on solving issues related to data display, specifically pertaining to nonprofit data. The problem was ensuring that authorized individuals should be able to modify the record without altering the original by creating a text field of their own. Technical terminologies and platforms such as substrings, payload, webflow form elements, Xano, Airtable, and Wizd were frequently mentioned.

The participants focused on a unique challenge of having different fields such as director's submission, active director, and so on. The issue mentioned was running and debugging a program, creating variables containing specific text, checking string length, and updating the string. They discussed how to implement these substrings back into the payload of what gets sent back to the front end and went through the process of creating updated variables. The discussion also included using a method of in-place editing to manipulate data more efficiently. Examples and walkthroughs were given for editing specific members of an item using dot notation. For instance, item.population was mentioned to be replaced by a new population string. The meeting also provided some insights into the learning process of using Xano as a beginner, comparing it with the simplicity of SQL and Airtable besides showcasing how it provides an increased level of control to users. The conversation indicated that people find videos of ongoing, on-the-spot problem-solving discussions more useful than formal instruction. In final sections of meeting, participants discussed about interfacing of no-code applications and creating meaningful content for their community. By the end, plans were made for creating a hands-on video in Q&A format displaying use of Webflows and Wizd. Keywords mentioned: Xano, Webflow, Airtable, Wizd, substrings, payload, variables, program string, update variable, run and debug, for loop.

(Source: Office Hours 1/6 )

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