Discussing Data Serialization, JSON, YAML and Debugging in Xano and Flutterflow

The State Changers discussed a variety of programming points during the meeting, primarily focusing on the data serialization formats JSON and YAML, as applied to a finance app they are developing. They delved into the intricacies of JSON and YAML, highlighting their differences and uses. For instance, JSON, standing for JavaScript Object Notation, is more explicit and machine-readable, while YAML, referred to as Yet Another Markup Language, is more human-readable due to its reliance on indentation, though it's also easier for errors to occur.

They encountered issues when the app's submissions didn't wrap in quotation marks and when JSON removed lists. Further, they identified an issue with compatibility between Xano and Flutterflow when querying all records. This action returns a list with a bracket rather than a curly bracket, which left the first element incompatible with Flutterflow. Therefore, they had to name the first element to bring forth a curly bracket that facilitated .notation through the rest of the code. The meeting involved a lot of debugging and backend issue resolution. They discussed using App State in Flutterflow, where the app variable was updated with every action to aid in sending backend data. They also touched on possible improvements for the user authentication process, hinting at turning the authentication parameter into a persistent variable. Finally, they explored issues with parsing submissions on Flutterflow and updating the list of JSON in the app state. They discovered that the response body should be recognized as user selection instead of being set as the app state body. Despite the technical difficulties encountered and not explicitly mentioned through particular platforms or programming languages, the meeting offered useful insights into problem-solving methods for building apps, especially regarding the handling of data serialization formats, backend calls, and app state management. This discussion would be beneficial to software developers or folks interested in optimizing use between FlutterFlow and Xano.

(Source: Office Hours 5/15 )

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