Discussing Data Structure Development and Strategy for Project Xano

The meeting comprised of State Changers guiding Evan on how to structure his data for a project involving quizzes and student reports. The data is stored in "ClickUp" and is supposed to sync into Xano to generate a Google document dynamically. The student reports come in three main weeks; week 3, week 6, and week 12, and consist of quizzes and other fields. Different quizzes are administered within these weeks, with scores needing to be updated on the system regularly.

To handle this, Evan proposed creating an array of records in Xano, with each record holding a week's quiz scores. The State Changers suggested a simpler alternative, where a structure would hold one row per student per quiz ID, and this data would then be used to generate aggregate statistics, effectively showing the student's progress and comparisons against the rest of the class. The State Changers provided guidance on how to use the aggregate function in Xano, which would help group and summarize the data in useful ways. They demonstrated how to use a different query to determine the current term and separate it from past terms, providing a more streamlined approach to data management. This approach would ultimately be easier to manage and would enable dynamic updates to the data as the weeks and terms progress. Evan also inquired about how to deal with different student levels and how to reset data per term. The State Changers suggested adding a term ID and a field to denote the level of the students in the quizzes table in Xano. These fields would facilitate accurate data filtering and aggregation. Other explored topics included data extraction, transformation, and the creation of a meta table to save the current term in the system. Keywords mentioned: Xano.

(Source: Office Hours 7/17/2023 )

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