Discussing Data Wrangling from Flutterflow to Pipedream and Ensuring Efficient API Calls

This State Changers meeting focused on resolving data management issues with FlutterFlow and Pipedream. The primary issue was managing and wrangling nested data types through an API call. The discussion led to an approach to simplifying the data extraction from the frontend service to an external API.

Key points discussed: 1. Use FlutterFlow for the transfer of the required data. 2. The frontend is not ideal for shaping the data, so move it to Pipedream, where the data takes its shape. 3. Work with Dart functions in FlutterFlow to reshape the frontend. However, it's preferred to control data wrangling centrally, which Xano does exceptionally well, like Pipedream that exposes it through Node.js. 4. Use JavaScript in Pipedream to make the data more readable and usable, instead of Dart, making it unusual. 5. Use Pipedream for data manipulation, making it the ideal approach for this use case. 6. Once data is in Pipedream, determine what is being posted from FlutterFlow into Pipedream and what needs to be sent. Convert successfully using a JavaScript snippet in Pipedream and test the theory. 7. Once the data transfer from FlutterFlow to Pipedream is achieved, transform the data from what Pipedream sees to what the API template requires. 8. A Node step in Pipedream will handle the transformation of data from its incoming form to what the API template requires. 9. Mention of using Make and Zapier, though these tools were deemed less efficient than Pipedream. The meeting provides a useful discussion on data management between frontend services and external APIs, particularly for anyone working with FlutterFlow, Pipedream, JavaScript, and Node.js. It outlines the preferred approach when dealing with transferring and reshaping data from a frontend service into an external API.

(Source: Office Hours 6/16 )

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