Discussing Database Design and User Authentication for Two Different User Types

The meeting convened by the State Changers focused on discussions around database design, authentication, and user management for an application they are working on. The issue at hand was the need to create two types of users in a two-sided business, internal users and external patients. They were considering either to have a centralized users table where everyone logs in or to implement two separate applications with distinct authentication regimes.

Within the conversation, there were references to a platform "Xano" which offers built-in authentication support. However, it was noted that this could be recreated using the same available tools in Xano. There was an option to have authentication regimes for each type of user, or to have one for both incorporated within the central user system. Both of these strategies were deemed viable. Another aspect mentioned was the need for different types of user authentication - with doctors being authenticated via Google and patients using a password login. This requirement further lent credence to the choice of implementing separate authentication regimes. The discussion was very conceptual, focusing on broad strategies for user management and authentication, rather than touching on specific coding techniques or languages. No other tech tools or platforms (such as WeWeb, FlutterFlow, Zapier, etc.) were specifically discussed during this meeting. The conversation ended with understanding that further meetings might be needed to refine the plan and start implementation.

(Source: Office Hours 7/26 )

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