Discussing Database Management Strategies for Go Halo's OAuth tier

State Changers met to discuss the implementation of a function in a database. The function stack that was set up ran a git query, which attempted to only pull the last row of data. The last row was referring to the ID of the database where a refresh access token and refresh token are stored for Go Halo using OAuth. Each new request for an access token creates a new row in the database, meaning the past refresh tokens were still being stored.

One participant proposed a simpler method of constant rewriting of the ID number one instead of saving new data to new rows with each request. This would result in having a one-row table, a common practice for caching, allowing multiple uses of the table and simple replacement of the refresh token. It makes the approach more dynamic and, while it could work with pop-ups or arrays, it doesn't scale well, hence the practice of overriding one record was agreed upon. Instructions were provided on how to implement this, including changing 'query all records' to 'get one record', editing database requests rather than bulk adding, and using 'update records' function with relevant fields and mapping. In the end, the functionality was demonstrated without any errors and the improved approach of using one row in a database was deemed suitable. The technology keywords mentioned during the meeting were 'Xano', 'OAuth', 'database', and 'ID'.

(Source: Office Hours 8/1 )

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