Discussing Effectiveness of jQuery vs JavaScript and Optimal Code Refactoring

This meeting between the State Changers revolved around finding solutions to programming challenges. The main topic centered on the use of JavaScript libraries specifically the comparison and usage of jQuery and JavaScript, React, and Moment for web-based applications.

They discussed how jQuery excels at handling real-time page alterations and responses to on-page elements such as click handlers and document ready events. It was noted that despite jQuery being optimized over many years, vanilla JavaScript should be used when jQuery is not readily available. The State Changers also debated the timing of when to use JavaScript libraries in developing web applications. They noted that jQuery, while reliable, should not be loaded onto every environment, citing the risk of slowing down the runtime with too many loads. One participant found that using jQuery had not worked reliably on one of their pages, prompting a discussion on the difference between using jQuery and native JavaScript methods. They concluded that he was using the wrong syntax for jQuery, which likely led to the failure. The meeting took a philosophical turn as the conversation shifted to continual technology changes, cautioning against chasing new advancements without a specific reason, and insisting there's no universally "correct" technology to use, whether that's React, Vue.js, or any other frameworks. What's most important is to choose a technology that allows you to ship faster, obtain market information sooner, and matches your personal coding style and strengths best. Towards the end of the meeting, second problem resolution was about to begin, but the discussion didn't proceed further in the given transcript.

(Source: Office Hours 5/29 )

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