Discussing External Dependency Integration and Debugging in FlutterFlow Applications

The meeting involved State Changers discussing how to integrate external dependencies into their code, specifically Flutterflow. One State Changer showcased their experience trying to add code to their initial task, which appeared to be a dependency needed in Xcode. Ray, another State Changer, suggested using the dart code system in Flutterflow for generating the custom action, which would then result in the external dependencies being embedded into exported files by CodeMagic.

Despite challenges due to the lack of exhaustive documentation, Ray encouraged experimentation and taking an incremental approach to problem solving, starting with bringing heap into Flutter's scope. They also noted that this process might not work on the web preview and would possibly only work on the device. A potential issue mentioned was modifying the code above a given line, however, Ray suggested starting with the existing restrictions before venturing into breaking the rules. Ray also hinted at checking in with another team member, signaling collaboration and mutual support within the team. Keywords mentioned include "Xcode", "Flutterflow", "CodeMagic", and "Dart".

(Source: Office Hours 5/26 )

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