Discussing FlutterFlow Development: Overcoming Input Issues and Implementing Number Formatting

In this meeting, the State Changers focus heavily on UI/UX elements concerning a mobile app, specifically related to user input fields, and the behavior of input data format. They discuss the capability of tools such as Flutterflow and are curious about the possibilities of leveraging Dart functions for formatting user input on the app.

They grapple mainly with the problem of designing an input field that handles monetary data, debating on whether to allow decimal values in order to accept cents along with dollar amounts. Through the process, they explore different strategies including custom masks, keyboard limitations, and the user experience on a mobile device. They also address how the mobile keyboard changes the user interface, noting that it tends to cover or push up other elements on the screen. They consider enabling scrollability and employing keyboard-avoiding views to enhance the overall user experience. Towards the conclusion of the meeting, the participants decide to follow precedents in the industry, not allowing cents in the monetary input and sticking with whole dollar amounts. There is a brief discussion on superimposing a dollar sign on the input field as a part of an aesthetic rather than a functional design. The conversation ends on a note to further discuss strategic questions if opportunity allows. Throughout the discussion, keywords such as Flutterflow, Zapier, and Excel are mentioned.

(Source: Office Hours 5/15 )

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