Discussing FlutterFlow Implementation Challenges and Potential Solutions for App Store Submission

The meeting involved the State Changers discussing development issues related to their mobile application which centered primarily around push notifications on Flutterflow. One participant, Camry, had issues stemming from instructions followed from step-by-step videos. He believes the problems could stem from his setup months ago, where he potentially made mistaken choices during the app's set-up phase.

His push notifications issue is speculated to stem from ticking off the push notifications capability in the Flutterflow setup, without building it on Firebase. To resolve the issue, he contemplates resetting and resubmitting the app to the App Store. However, he's unsure how to proceed optimally without making the same mistakes as the first time. The advice given from the other participant involved creating a simple, minimalistic app whose only function would be to receive push notifications. The purpose of this strategy is to isolate the problem, making it simpler to understand and rectify. Additionally, the second participant encouraged Camry to go through the process of resubmission to the App Store, as it was believed that Camry could now learn from the exercise instead of just blindly following the steps. The discussion concluded with the advice of breaking down the project into several parts, dealing with each one individually, and then integrating them together over time. This step-by-step strategy would help build Camry's competency and confidence with the Flutterflow platform. The tools mentioned in the discussion include Flutterflow, Firebase, and the App Store.

(Source: Office Hours 8/31/2023 AM )

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