Discussing Function Edits for Coupon Payments and Improving Tranche Analysis

The State Changers had an in-depth technical discussion on building a function related to financial transactions. The function, the creation of which involved a tranche (a specific part of a larger whole) and start to end dates, revolved around calculating interests for set periods.

Issues arose when the function failed due to an incorrect input type, specifically, passing a non-decimal value where a decimal was expected. This problem was promptly resolved during the discussion, allowing the meeting to progress. The main complexity arose from figuring out how to adjust the interest calculation when the periods differed (semiannual vs. quarterly). The solution proposed was to break down the periods into start and end dates and isolate this logic into its own function due to its complexity. The output of the function should be the amount of money due within the decided period range (e.g., the first three days of October). The key idea clarified in the meeting was understanding that the input tranche information and dates can yield an amount of money due. Furthermore, Ray, one of the State Changers, encouraged decomposing this function from a larger loop it was sitting within, praising its utility as a distinct tool for integrating into the rest of the simulator. The conclusion was to try implementing what they had discussed, hoping it would simplify the overall process.

(Source: Office Hours 10/5/2023 PM )

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