Discussing Handling of Multi-Selector Checkbox Data in Zano via Wiz

The State Changers discussed how to handle multiple checkbox selection in a form for a teaching platform. The specific challenge was how to transmit the selected checkboxes' data into a number ID format instead of true/false to the backend system "Xano." James, the "whiz expert", advised creating a button with attributes set. When the button is pressed, it triggers an action and the result of this action can be manipulated as desired. James also suggested other options, including an alternative to checkbox, such as a "div block." The concept of using "WIS" (Webflow, Integromat, Xano) was also demonstrated throughout the meeting.

This meeting is beneficial for anyone trying to create a platform where the selection of multiple checkboxes needs to be transferred to a backend system for storage or further processing. It particularly focuses on interfaces built with tools like Xano, Integromat, and Webflow.

(Source: Office Hours 4/13 )

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