Discussing HTML Code Creation and Performance Improvements in Database Calls

The State Changers meeting was primarily focused on solving some technical issues related to element access and manipulating page actions with Javascript. The group explored how to integrate on-click or on-change actions in their HTML code, specifically within the dropdown component. A potential solution was shared on using the 'select' element's additional attributes to embed an on-change function.

The group also discussed the usage of jQuery for running Javascript side hooks. One participant shared his hands-on experience with a feature related to visualization, using the custom attributes for element interactions. The meeting continued with a discussion about a performance or 'perf' issue identified by one of the members. A thorough debugging process was recommended to understand the root cause of this issue. What was emphasized was observing the time it took to complete different steps in their workflow, heavily considering database call durations and network calls might contribute to the slowdown. The possibility of the order of database output manipulation was discussed as a potential solution. Overall, the topic of conversation revolved around key aspects of webpage interactivity, debugging, and performance improvements practises in web development. Notably, the technologies referenced in their exchange included HTML, Javascript, and jQuery, but none of the specific software or platforms like Xano, WeWeb, Retool, or others were highlighted. Hence, this meeting may be best suited for individuals seeking insights into real-world problem-solving scenarios in web development and debugging methodologies.

(Source: Office Hours 3/15 )

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