Discussing Identity Verification and Notification Setup with Tasebo and WeWeb

The State Changers meeting involved helping a participant known as Kamil understand and navigate through a software issue. The main topics discussed included creating and analyzing API callbacks, webhook setup, URL decoding, working with personalized identification services, and embedding HTML in WeWeb platform. Several software and tools including WeWeb, Xano, CyberChef, and Gitix were mentioned during the discussions.

These are the steps they covered: 1. They helped Kamil navigate Gitix’s API documentation to understand the workflow, specifically the identity verification process which involves a setup and uses JavaScript functions. The documentation showed how to handle request and response calls along with understanding callback structure. 2. They decoded a URL string using a tool called CyberChef. It was clarified that Gitix's API was not just providing a URL, but was giving HTML to be embedded onto a webpage. 3. They then identified that WeWeb, an online tool for builders, had the function to add custom HTML. The function was confirmed by another participant, Kerry, who specified that WeWeb does have an "embed element." 4. The State Changers pointed out that there would be another setup required for receiving notifications from Gitix’s system which is separate from the API. This setup involved configuring a notification URL through the Gitix platform. 5. Kamil was then assisted in creating a new endpoint in Xano to receive Gitix's notification. In Xano, they created a POST endpoint, used a get all input utility function due to the unknown nature of the webhook data, and stored the response in the database. 6. To reflect the changes in Gitix, they copied the newly created endpoint URL from Xano and replaced the default ngrok URL under the Notification section in Gitix. 7. Finally, they advised Kamil to use the request history to parse and understand the data received from the webhook. The meeting can be beneficial for those who are working on API integrations, dealing with callbacks and webhooks, setting notifications on the Gitix platform, or looking to understand how to manipulate HTML on WeWeb using Xano.

(Source: Office Hours 2/7 )

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