Discussing Implementation and Troubleshooting of 'Like' Button in Wiz and Webflow Integration

The State Changers highlighted an issue where a button in Webflow should be showing either as a heart or a gray heart. This prompted a broader discussion on how to navigate between Wiz and Webflow for efficient styling and coding. In particular, one suggested solution was creating two separate pages for better control over CSS.

During their discourse, the team shared several insights related to CSS objects on Wiz and how they can be efficiently manipulated. For instance, conditional commands like "set class" and "show or hide object" based on specific parameters allow for interaction effects like a button changing when a user likes an image. Interactions with Xano were also discussed, blessing them with the knowledge about how they could create a record of user likes in the database through an API call. Afterwards, they can then use the new data obtained to set object classes as liked or not. Considerations were also discussed about the balance between using Wiz and personal JavaScript. The consensus was a preference for Wiz to design the website's functionality and to avoid mixing the two to prevent confusion. Overall, the meeting aimed at exploring new ideas about Webflow navigation, code organization, and the interactivity of CSS objects.

(Source: Office Hours 12/28 )

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