Discussing Implementation of Authentication Tokens in Onboarding Process of Device Magic with JavaScript and Xano

During the meeting, the State Changers primarily discussed the integration and manipulation of data between various software, focusing on web development and data handling issues. Key topics included retrieving and authenticating tokens using cookies and storing data through local storage or a URL. However, there were certain difficulties with cookie representation and data storage while working with the Wiz platform.

The central focus was creating an onboarding form utilizing Typeform and passing parameters such as first name and a secure authentication token into a JavaScript code. The State Changers pondered if this can be achieved by posting it to a URL parameter and subsequently extracting the parameters with a script. The team evaluated Xano's potential role in this process, particularly its capacity to perform authenticated requests with the aforementioned token. They identified that other projects successfully used Xano to relay information originally sent from Typeform into an internal call, positioning the token in the authorization header. However, the State Changers struggled to locate stored data within the user's browser. They explored options such as local storage, IndexedDB, and document cookie, but were unable to locate the data conclusively. The State Changers resolved to ask the Wiz platform for help and proceed accordingly. Overall, this meeting would be of interest to those needing insights on web development, data handling, the integration of Typeform, usage of tokens for authentication, and interactions between different software like Xano, Wiz, and Typeform.

(Source: Office Hours 12/6 )

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