Discussing Implementing 3D Venue Views Integration into The User Interface

In this meeting, the State Changers discuss how to create dynamic 3D views for seat selection on a map of a venue for event ticketing. They are working specifically with a 3D viewer module and a map viewer module. The 3D viewer provides views from specific seats or sections, while the map viewer presents a general view of the venue.

The team considers how to let users manually select different views (from the entire section to the individual seat). They determine this can be achieved with Click handlers but will need to download the specific views first. During the meeting, they successfully integrate a 3D viewer module that loads views from specific sections of the venue and shows how it's possible to trigger loading of these views with custom JavaScript code anytime needed. Key steps include: 1. Loading the 3D viewer module along with the map viewer module at the beginning. 2. Using DEV tools to arbitrarily load the 3D viewer without having to click on any event handler. 3. Experimenting with loading different section views using the 3D viewer in the console. They also discuss the layout of the viewer and decide that the 3D view and the map view should be in separate containers (divs) to prevent conflicts. However, one could be hidden while the other is shown, swapping visibility according to the user's actions. The team plans to further explore the availability of 3D views for specific maps and how to best allow users to toggle between these views and a map view. They also consider the possibility of implementing ID card scanning for user identification in the future. The meeting didn't mention any of the acronyms listed in the brief but they worked with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They also used a tool called Bubble for web development.

(Source: Office Hours 7/5 - Handling Unhappy Paths, Adding more custom views in Bubble )

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