Discussing Integration of UploadCare with Xano & Webflow and Search Function Implementation Challenges in Databases

In this meeting, the State Changers address two primary challenges related to "Xano" and "Webflow". The first issue involves integrating UploadCare, a third-party platform for image uploading, with Zeno and Webflow. They aim to delete images uploaded by mistake or of poor quality, providing more control to users.

The second challenge focuses on building certain functions within an app. They need to create a system which searches a database of information, previously formatted and imported into Xano. The search has to be defined with a balance of specificity and broadness, ensuring useful results without strictly demanding exact matches. The methodology of assessing this diagnostic problem is referred to as ROC curve. After preliminary discussions, they decide to handle the UploadCare issue first. They discuss the REST reference for UploadCare and how to "delete files" using the unique identifiers for files provided by the platform. Exploring the concept of 'path parameter', they demonstrate how to substitute variable UUID into URL strings to achieve desired results. There is also a substantial discussion on the general practices and conventions in API documentation, using the example of curly braces as placeholders that indicate where actual values must be slotted in. The meeting concludes with their decision to proceed with resolving the issues discussed.

(Source: Office Hours 8/25 )

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