Discussing Integration of Webflow with Zano for Improved API Functionality and E-commerce Experience

This meeting among the State Changers highlights the scenario of setting up an API with Xano from a form submitted by Webflow. They discuss navigating through Xano’s API creation and its various parameters settings. A convenient feature of Xano was demonstrated, where CURL commands from the documentation of Webflow can directly be imported to automatically set up the API structure in Xano. Consequently, users only need to substitute with useful values or variables instead of creating from scratch. The API, when fired, will send the information over to Webflow to establish the item in the CMS. This gives a redirect page for a buyer or runs through Webflow ecommerce, creating a circular sales process. The team considers this method simpler than using JavaScript and more straightforward to edit, even though it was possible with a Lambda.

(Source: Office Hours 8/4 Late )

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