Discussing Issues and Solutions with Stripe Integration, Onboarding Process, and Web Development Strategies

During the meeting, State Changers discussed challenges and possible solutions related to their ongoing web development project. One of the key topics was the difficulty in working with tools like Wiz, an underdeveloped platform, and comparing it with better-established solutions like Webflow and Xano. One participant mentioned a processing payment system using Stripe that would also handle documentation such as tax forms (1099s) for businesses and nonprofits.

The group discussed the important process of onboarding new members in the context of changing technology, and how different user categories like businesses, artists, and nonprofits each require slightly different onboarding approaches. A case for using Stripe was put forth, which has systems in place to allow businesses to donate to nonprofits in an efficient manner, offering donors reassurance of the authenticity of the nonprofits they support. One idea was to dynamically input different donation amounts using Stripe's button technology. The group worked through coding challenges related to their web application, including dealing with semi-structured JSON data and using jQuery and JavaScript for page population. The group also discussed drawbacks of Adobe API in parsing PDFs, and briefly mentioned other potential alternatives such as the OCR approach from Google AutoML and a heuristic approach to rule creation in their code. The conversation also touched on balancing personal life with the rigorous demands of the project, the importance of feedback from various stakeholders, and an acknowledgment of the novelty of their project in aligning the interests of businesses, artists, and nonprofits. The platform's development is moving forward, though challenges in cohesion and comprehensiveness were candidly acknowledged. Keywords mentions: Javascript, Stripe, Wiz.

(Source: Office Hours 12/27 )

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