Discussing JavaScript Troubleshooting and User Authorization in Xano and WeWeb

In the State Changers' meeting, two main topics were addressed with references to various coding languages and platforms.

For the first topic, they discussed how to implement a screenshot capture feature using JavaScript. The team faced a problem with the initial code where the entire page was being captured. Their solution was to replace 'document.body' with 'getElementByID' to focus on a specific element. After making adjustments, the screenshot capture function ran successfully, meeting their desires. The other main discussion dealt with issues concerning Xano and WeWeb's role-based permissions, primarily user authorization. Each page was locked, only allowing authorized users and managers to use it, causing operational difficulties. They examined the response errors and discovered that requests were being bounced because of WeWeb, not Xano. The team then debated whether to manage this problem using WeWeb or the back end. Ultimately, they decided to use the back end to control access, due to its greater safety. The conversation closed with the suggestion to get rid of the role stuff in WeWeb. Overall, this meeting would be valuable for individuals seeking solutions for JavaScript-based screenshot capturing and role-based permissions in Xano and WeWeb.

(Source: Office Hours 5/8 )

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