Discussing Lambda Function Optimization and Pagination in Database Queries

In this meeting, the State Changers solved an issue with page pagination in their code. The code was previously only searching or filtering through 25 items at a time, leading to incomplete results. To address this, the State Changers recommended using 'slice' function - a data manipulation method to determine the correct window of items based on the offset and page size, and then filter down to the appropriate number of items.

In order to properly account for pagination, they highlighted that this must come last in the sequence, after sorting and filtering are completed. A correct setup allows the user to share just a window of data rather than the entire set. A page offset of zero was itentified as the correct number for the offset. Additionally, the State Changers also emphasized the need to update the count of total items and the number of pages based on the input, as well tools to note page location. In terms of performance, they noted a balance between server speed and app speed, and suggested not sending all server-acquired information over to the application because it could slow down performance despite the server being fast. Xano and WeWeb were the key tools mentioned in the process of making code adjustments. Implementing this solution required a strong understanding of data manipulation to ensure accuracy when filtering through items. Despite the complexity of the situation, the State Changers were able to debug and develop a solution successfully.

(Source: Office Hours 9/6/2023 )

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