Discussing MemberStack API Interface and its Integration with WebFlow Functionality

The State Changers discussed the work done on the API interface for MemberStack, that interfaces with a membership platform. They highlighted the process of setting up functions to retrieve information from MemberStack. In the trial phase, the potential addition of paid memberships was also discussed.

A point of discussion was a function called 'update buttons'. It was clarified that this function needed to be triggered after a user upgraded their plan on the MemberStack site. The trigger for this function was identified as 'member stack.on ready', part of the MemberStack API. The meeting involved frequent reference to MemberStack, indicating discussions revolved around integrating and troubleshooting this tool. Other technical terms such as 'payload', 'API', 'Curl request', 'Javascript', and 'Webflow' were also mentioned. Improvements in the code, such as removing the unnecessary 'member stack.on ready dot then' and the addition of 'console.log' for finding out whether functions are firing properly were also discussed. This indicated a focus on optimization and debugging in their work with coding and APIs. Overall, the meeting was a technical discussion around integrating the MemberStack API, understanding its functions, and enhancing code for better performance.

(Source: Office Hours 9/7 )

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