Discussing Null Check Solutions in Xano Code Development

During the meeting, the State Changers discussed an issue of null values in the artist's bioimage field which was causing issues with the Xano system. The focal point of the discussion was prevention of these null pointer exceptions.

The solution was to perform a null check ahead of time on line sixty-two by adding 'artist ampersand ampersand' before the existing code. This checks if the artist variable is 'falsy' (null, false, zero, or undefined). If falsy, it does not proceed to read 'artist bioimage'. Similarly, on line sixty-three, the "bang equal equal null" expression was replaced with "if artist bio image", which checks the trueness of the artist bio image, thus preventing the code from running with a falsy artist object. The application of these changes helped to handle empty fields more effectively and prevent system crashes due to null pointer exceptions that occur when a nonexistent field is accessed. There was also a suggestion of using a default image, like a picture of Homer Simpson, in cases where there was no bioimage available.

(Source: Office Hours 1/23 )

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