Discussing OAuth and Social Authentication Implementations with Xano and Google

The State Changers discussed the process of social authentication using OAuth. The conversation delved into how to implement OAuth for specific applications. The process starts with registering an application with a service provider (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, etc.) and sending an initial request containing the client ID, redirect URL, nonce or state variable, and the scope. The user then gets redirected to the service provider where they authenticate their identity.

Upon successful authentication, the service provider sends back a redirect URL containing an authorization code. This code is sent to the back-end, in this case, Xano. Xano then combines the client ID, client secret, and the authorization code to make an external API request. The service provider responds back with an ID token or an authorization token, which can be redeemed for an access token. The steps mentioned are particular to setting up OAuth from scratch - registering an application with the service provider, creating the front-end URL, and establishing an API endpoint with the backend provider, like Xano. This work flow ensures robust user security by verifying their identity with the specific service provider's. The state changers also discussed the competitive advantages of understanding data design and mastering the aspects of security. During the session, it was also briefly mentioned that the State Changers explored cryptography to simplify the workload. While technical aspects were discussed, the conversation did not include specific keywords such as "Zapier", "Retool", "Bubble", "AppGyver", "Fastgen", "Firebase", "Google", "Twilio", or "OpenAI". Hence, those interested in the detailed data flow and architecture of OAuth for social authentication, using frontend technologies and backend providers like Xano, will find this meeting discussion useful.

(Source: Office Hours 11/24 )

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