Discussing Parameter Passing and Endpoint Authentication in Xano

In this State Changers meeting, the participants discussed how to integrate endpoints in the Xano platform. They first identified a challenge with passing multiple parameters through a GET call, and hence suggested changing it to a POST call for better style and handling. To add parameters for either GET or POST calls, they recommended using the "Params" function in Xano. This can be accomplished by setting the path and value, with the path representing the variable name to pass.

The meeting also discussed how to handle authenticated endpoints through headers. This was demonstrated using the "push" function to add the Authorization header, which was tokenized with a replace filter for security reasons. Finally, there was an emphasis on saving work frequently, as the interface was prone to accidental click outs, causing potential loss of work. The final steps were to test the API call to ensure it works in practice, but this was theoretical during the meeting. The session concluded with another participant about to share their screen for further discussion. No other platforms like WeWeb, FlutterFlow, or others were discussed in this specific meeting.

(Source: Office Hours 3/2 )

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