Discussing Redirect and Checkout Integration with Stripe on JavaScript Subdomains

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed a JavaScript issue involving domain URL routing, payment subscriptions, and interactions with Stripe. The main query was about maintaining a user's personalized subdomain dot Name throughout the payment process when working with Stripe. Stripe, as noted, only offers an option to send users back to a master domain after a purchase.

The suggested solution was to utilize query strings to create a redirect page. When Stripe sends the user back to the primary domain, the query string can act as a disintermediation page that further redirects the user back to their original prefix domain. This redirection should be almost instantaneous, because the necessary data is transmitted as part of the query string. There were questions about constructing this query string from Stripe, which is an intricate question. The team agreed to discuss this further in a forum and revisit in office hours. The meeting ended with a reminder about two office hours sessions held the following day.

(Source: State Change Office Hours 10/17/2023 )

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