Discussing Security, Privacy, and Transitioning from Public to Private API Endpoints for Optimal Application Performance

The State Changers meeting was primarily a discussion revolving around security and privacy in app development, especially focusing on public versus private API endpoints. The central participant, John, who uses Adalo for his front-end development, has all his API endpoints public currently but considers whether to make them private. He raised the issue of the workload involved in this change and the potential for temporarily disrupting functionality.

The consensus among the meeting participants was to make the endpoints private to ensure privacy, maintain right user context, and enhance security. The reasons include protecting user data, ensuring users can only access their data, and protecting the system against outside actors. The group also stressed that Adalo naturally handles token management required for endpoint authentication. John's eventual goal is to transition from Adalo to FlutterFlow, and rather than changing the settings in his Adalo app, he wants to start from scratch, creating a new backend in Xano with all private endpoints from the beginning. One speaker agreed with this approach, reminding John that the goal of a prototype is to learn and improve for the next iteration, not to perfect the current version. The group suggested drawing learnings regarding security and privacy from the current version and applying them to the next iteration. The meeting was a comprehensive exploration of API endpoints, security, user authentication in app development, and the use of tools like Adalo, Xano, and FlutterFlow for effective, secure, and user-friendly application creation. Valuable insights were shared on managing development cycles, the benefits of making API endpoints private, and the process of transitioning from one GUI-based development tool to another.

(Source: Office Hours 6/22/2023 )

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