Discussing Solutions for Data Transformation and Complexity in Xano Systems

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed about data transformation in the context of updating calculations based on fiscal periods and tranches. The focus of the conversation was Organizing and restructuring variables from one data format to another, essentially from per subperiod calculations to per tranche calculations. They discussed the complexities involved in this transformation and mentioned the usage of the "Xano" platform which was noted to be highly effective for data transformation compared to other similar platforms like make.com.

They discussed the methodology to rearrange the data structure, by extracting the tranches and iterating over the fiscal periods to elevate debt schedules for each tranche. The following steps were used: extracting a list of tranches, creating a for each loop to iterate on tranches, updating variables with the respective balance changes for each tranche and eventually storing the updated tranche back into the fiscal period. The meeting was primarily a working session where the State Changers collaborated to solve a problem of transforming and restructuring data in a way that is more efficient and intuitive for the purpose of their application. They used coding and data manipulation techniques to iterate over fiscal periods and tranches to update their calculation model. The entire meeting was conclusions centered on complexities of data transformation, the reorganization of variables and improving the process for updating calculations. Keywords mentioned during the meeting include "Xano", "Debt Schedules", "Fiscal Period", "Tranches", "Data Transformation", and "JSON".

(Source: Office Hours 9/29/2023 )

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