Discussing Techniques for Coding Friend Requests in Adalo and Zalo Platforms

In this meeting, the State Changers are focused on the creation of friend requests functionality, with particular reference to Adalo and Xano. The participant, Yami, is attempting to establish a friend request system in Adalo and is exploring techniques to circumvent issues with nested arrays. Yami proposed a plan and walked through it: When a user approves a friend request, that other user is added as a friend in their respective tables, and the request is removed.

The other participant helped Yami to debug this process via a methodology they referred to as ‘rubber ducking’. This debugging method involves explaining the problem, allowing the solution to evolve naturally from the explanation. With a transmitter and receiver model, they established a simplified process within Xano to handle the adding of friends to each user’s table upon request approval. The process involves pulling records from user tables for the receiver and sender and subsequent updating of each to include the additional person. They also elaborated on a crucial aspect when dealing with complicated structures in databases like Xano: The process always goes fetch, modify, push. Meaning, you first retrieve the data (fetch), make necessary changes (modify), then update it back (push). In conclusion, the conversation revolved around debugging Adalo's friend request functionality within Xano using the fetch, modify, push method to handle complicated data structures. By the end of the conversation, Yami expressed confidence in understanding the concepts and applying them independently.

(Source: Office Hours 7/27/23 )

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