Discussing the Efficiency of JSON in Data Storage and Integration

The State Changers discussed the benefits and drawbacks of JSON for data organization. A State Changer explains how they reshaped their database into a single table by using JSON, which significantly reduced their number of tables. However, they worried whether this was the right move after noticing slower times for finding records.

Another participant reassured them, indicating that while JSON makes using records easier due to its versatility, it's inefficient for finding records due to its intricate data structure. They suggested a workaround where certain data for searching or querying is kept outside of the JSON for quicker access. They also mentioned that this method could be integrated with search engines like Elasticsearch or Algolia if needed. The conversation stressed that adopting the JSON structure simplifies handling the data and makes integrating with any data provider possible, hence saving significant time which offsets the concern for computational efficiency. It was advised to monitor future performance and address specific areas where performance hits occur instead of abandoning JSON entirely. The meeting concluded with the team thanking Sylvan for his time and patience through their rescheduling process.

(Source: Office Hours 4/27 )

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