Discussing the Integration and Efficiency of Zano with the Marketing Team and Assessing Potential Revisions

This meeting revolved around the State Changers discussing the difficulties faced in implementing Customer.io. Daniel from the team suggested that, instead of using Customer.io, he could have built a custom dashboard with similar functionalities from scratch using Zano. The team discussed the balance between innovating and not reinventing the wheel, suggesting that sometimes creating a simple, custom solution may be preferable, especially if there are sufficient resources.

Daniel indicated that the marketing team experienced difficulties understanding how to operate Customer.io and questioned whether an assessment was needed to rethink their current stance. The suggestion to reassess their progress was well-received, with an emphasis on the importance of frequent evaluation. The team leader, Carl, encouraged Daniel to not be too attached to the work already built and to be open to potential changes. The conversation highlighted the need for a clearer understanding and definition of the problems they are attempting to solve with their technology. This could lead to an inexpensive rebuild using the tools chosen, which, unlike the current path, could be better tailored to their needs. The team recognized that this would require defining the issues to be solved before figuring out the best resolutions, highlighting the significance of asking the right questions and understanding the scope of the project early on.

(Source: Office Hours 9/5/2023 )

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