Discussing the Integration of Instagram API with Zano for User Registration

In this meeting, the State Changers focused mainly on integrating Instagram with a product through the help of Zano. The participants discussed methods to authenticate, fetch, and utilize Instagram user data without exposing sensitive information to the front end. They managed to procure an access token and user ID to authenticate and get user data.

They also worked on how to simplify their tests by skipping steps like publishing, copying the URL, and sending the information over to the circle.app. Instead, they proposed testing inside Zano with the retrieved access token. They also discussed how to make the access token and user ID dynamic by disabling the hard-coded versions and re-enabling the commented lines. The final part of the discussion focused on streamlining the user registration process by associating an Instagram username with registered email addresses. Thus, they strategize to eliminate the need to ask for an email address during Instagram login, especially because Instagram does not provide email addresses. The meeting primarily revolved around the tools Zano and Instagram, although there were brief mentions of WeWeb and Xano functionalities like params, API requests, and methods to use dynamic pathing or query strings. There were prospective methods to tie these tools and concepts to app development for a smoother user experience.

(Source: Office Hours 8/28/2023 )

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