Discussing User-Community Database Manipulation and Performance Efficiency

In this meeting, the State Changers had an in-depth discussion about managing a user table joined to a second table via a community ID, which is a list of communities. One of the central issues was the ability to calculate and return the number of users in each community.

The attendees thoroughly discussed the process step-by-step. They reached a solution using the aggregate function on "Xano", resulting in generating a list of communities and figuring the number of users in each community. Using 'add on' in Xano and data manipulation loops, they managed to run a query and return the user count per community. However, this had slower performance due to the looping process. The State Changers discussed alternative approaches to optimize the process, like keeping track of the user count directly in the community table. They ended the meeting with a commitment to thinking about more efficient methods in the future, especially for potentially larger lists of items, e.g., communities. They advised monitoring the performance in practice to see if these issues cause noticeable slowdowns on the front end.

(Source: Office Hours 7/6/23 )

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