Discussing User Deletion Process and Data Integrity in Outsetta and Xano Systems

The meeting involved State Changers discussing user profile management using various toolsets. Particular emphasis was given on dealing with user deletion and how to retain referential integrity after the deletion of a user in the system using Xano and Outsetta. The concept of a "recycling bin" approach was suggested. In this scenario, upon deletion, a user is marked as inactive rather than being removed completely. The system then checks the user status and only fully removes "inactive" users after a set period of time.

The team also addressed an issue where the Outsetta system was not recognizing logged-in users due to the access token only existing within Xano. Several methods were proposed to share the access token between Xano and Outsetta, such as adding the access token to the 'auth me' function, storing it locally, or adding it to the Set Access Token function within Outsetta. The group also discussed using webhooks to keep the Xano and Outsetta databases aligned. Additionally, the team spoke about incorporating these changes into WeWeb and about the potential liability issues that could arise from deleting user data. Keywords mentioned include: Xano, Outsetta, WeWeb, and Javascript.

(Source: Office Hours 7/17/2023 )

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