Discussing User Types, Queries and Complexities in Database Design for Zano

The State Changers held a meeting focused on two key issues - data structure in Xano and API authorization. In detail:

1. Data Structure in Xano: The team discussed structuring different user types (Advisor, Associate, and Manager) within an account in a database. They considered how to structure their queries for each user type to retrieve a list of polls (connected to an Advisor). They agreed upon having three different queries based on user type due to the different associations each user type has within an account. For 'Manager', the process is straightforward, no joins required - just look up all the polls associated with the account. For an 'Advisor', it's again straightforward to find all the polls directly associated with them. The complexity arises with 'Associate' user type with potential options of using joins or two separate function stacks queries. After discussion, they leaned towards avoiding joins to lessen complexity, opting instead for two lines in a function stack - one for fetching an Associate's list of Advisors, and then fetching the polls associated with those Advisors. 2. API Authorization: One participant raised a challenge about API authorization where they were having trouble encoding credentials in base64. The details of how this issue was addressed were not provided in the transcript. Keywords mentioned: Xano, loop.

(Source: Office Hours 10/18 )

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