Discussing Web Development Challenges and Solutions with WeWeb and Xano Platforms

In this State Changers' meeting, the conversation revolved around numerous technical concepts spanning web development, email sending systems, programming and authentication processes. The meeting started with a discussion regarding potential issues with using reusable components in WeWeb's platform. It was suggested that such issues could be highlighted to the community and the WeWeb team for more in-depth assistance if necessary.

A significant part of the conversation was designated to setting up password reset functionality using Xano, WeWeb, and an email sending system like SendGrid or Postmark. It was explained that the email functionality would trigger an endpoint in Xano to send out a password reset link. The link received via email would then redirect the user back to the password reset page on WeWeb. For an added layer of security, a unique key would be recorded in the local database, ensuring that only the intended recipient of the email could reset the password. In addition, it was mentioned that the user was planning to introduce Flutterflow into their project, though there were concerns that this would significantly change the authentication process. Advice was given not to get too worried about potential future difficulties, but to focus on solving current issues first. Finally, resources from previous meetings (including a video tutorial on the whole authentication process in WeWeb and Xano and the discussion with Carrie) were recommended to provide further insights and practical solutions to implement password reset functionality.

(Source: Office Hours 2/1 )

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