Discussing Web Development Solutions and Debugging with Member Stack

This meeting included the State Changers' discussion about improving a project that primarily involves web coding, specifically referencing JavaScript. Participants David and Thomas focused on code optimisation and bug fixes.

In the project, David was experiencing issues with "Respond to Cookies," a feature that was not firing correctly, causing hidden elements on a webpage to remain visible or not function as desired. Suggested solutions included updating a membership management framework called 'MemberStack' using an 'onReady event.' This approach helps to seamlessly retrieve data moving away from manually repetitive check processes, thus making the application more efficient. Detailed code examples and potential fixes were provided through a collaborative code editor named "Coshair." A third-party service, "Webflow," was also discussed for automatic functions when its objects have fully loaded. It was suggested to use this service to ensure the application's readiness before executing the defined project functions. The meeting concluded with David's decision to review the recommended documentation regarding the 'onReady' event to determine next steps for code optimisation. Future discussions were set to take place for further code review and optimisation, slated for after David's investigation.

(Source: Office Hours 9/5 )

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