Discussing Web Development Strategies: JavaScript, Webflow, Wizd, and Xano Integration

In the meeting, the state changers discussed solving specific tech issues, primarily around Webflow, Wiz aka Wizd, Xano and other related platforms. The meeting concentrated around JavaScript, HTML and CSS issues revolving around dynamic data loading and Swiper implementation.

Some practical solutions were proposed, such as moving the Swiper initialization code into a promise .then function to ensure it fires only after the data has been loaded. There was also a discussion around better managing dynamic content by minimizing server requests through caching or server-side rendering to ensure constant performance even at higher traffic levels. One participant shared his experiences of spikes in traffic and the related challenges on a shared server, contemplating whether having a dedicated space might help solve the problem in the long term. There was substantial discussion about Wizd, a tool that can be used on top of Webflow to build web applications. One participant offered to give a comprehensive tour of Wizd's upcoming version. Keywords mentioned: Webflow, Wizd, Xano, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, server, dynamic content, server requests, shared server, server-side rendering, cache, traffic spikes, dedicated space.

(Source: Office Hours 10/19 )

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