Discussing Web Scraping Techniques and Tools for JSON Output

The State Changers meeting discussed various topics related to web scraping and integration solutions. One of the participants sought guidance on using Scraping Bee, a tool for handling his scraping needs. The participant expressed difficulty using this tool due to misunderstandings related to XPath setup and also wanted a JSON output, as opposed to the Google Sheets or Airtable setups offered by other vendors.

The team recommended examining vendor-supplied extensions, which could potentially simplify the process by generating requisite code. They highlighted the utility of these tools in allowing a user-friendly visual control plane and an automated macro recorder function. The participant was advised to try using other scraping extensions to understand the process better before using Scraping Bee. Reference to Flutterflow was made, suggesting it's useful to examine during future deep dives. XANO was mentioned as the primary authentication system, thus hinting at future points of discussion. The team agreed to consider a dedicated session or 'special office hours' on learning how to scrape, considering its complex nature. This proposal is to be put up for community votes to check for demand feasibility. The discussion touched upon other integration tools including Bardeen, suggesting the tool's use in understanding the underlying processes for desired outcomes. In conclusion, the meeting addressed concerns regarding web scraping, providing guidance, and exploring the utilization of various tools for achieving this task. However, a concrete solution was not finalized, marking it as an ongoing, potential topic for future meetings.

(Source: Office Hours 8/2/2023 )

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