Discussing Webflow Integration and Product Management Tool Development using Wizd and Xano

This meeting involved the State Changers working on an e-commerce project, specifically dealing with how to add a purchase call to action when a button on a product page is clicked. The primary tools discussed included Xano and Webflow. They also mentioned Retool, a platform for building internal tools, and WISDEM, an unspecified tool possibly related to Webflow.

The goal was to extract product info, selected by the user, and send it to a cart. The participant had already set up a form submission structure in Webflow, but was unsure how to properly collect all the user's selected values and forward these to Xano. The solution discussed involved using Xano's API, tying it to the user form in Webflow, and sending a post request via form submission. The responses could then be viewed in Xano's request history for debugging and further manipulations. The overarching strategy was to separate the front-end task of collecting data in Wiz (Webflow) and the back-end task of transforming and utilizing the data in Xano. This important insight helps in problem-solving and simplifying data collection and submission tasks. The overall meeting provided a practical insight into resolving challenges in e-commerce website building, particularly for those using the combined tools of Xano and Webflow.

(Source: Office Hours 3/8 )

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