Discussing Webflow's State Management, Data Transfer and Migration Strategies

This State Changers meeting involved a significant discussion about the challenges of maintaining state in Webflow. As Webflow is traditionally designed for static sites, without native facilities for maintaining state, the team proposed possible solutions for this issue. One of these involved writing JavaScript to maintain the state, with mentions of tools that could potentially automate this process.

One particular tool mentioned was "Wiz", which enables an easier state management experience and interactive display alike to what WeWeb or Bubble does. The conversation progressed to discuss the feasibility of embedding pages from other websites, like Bubble, into a site produced in Webflow using iframes. This concept would enable the maintenance of an integrated look and feel across different sections of a website, even if they were developed on separate platforms. A related issue discussed was the challenge of pulling data from Xano to Webflow. It was confirmed this is possible, although no specific methods were explored during the meeting. Other topics covered included performance comparison between Bubble and Webflow, domain subscription with GoDaddy, and maintaining the integrity of a website across different sections developed on separate platforms. Moreover, the meeting also touched upon topics around token refreshes in FlutterFlow, with user actions on the FlutterFlow side leading to token refreshes on Xano's side, as well as the verification of webhooks for security. Specific programming challenges related to a function not correctly returning a zero cost value were also discussed. There were mentions of "Stripe", "Adalo", "Javascript", "Bubble", and "State Change". The session was geared towards problem-solving and technical guidance.

(Source: Office Hours 11/28 )

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