Discussing Webflow, Xano, and AWS Integration for Staging and Production Environments

The State Changers had an in-depth discussion about data handling and how to route it through staging or production servers using Webflow and Xano. With an existing set-up including Webflow, Xano, AWS, and Wizd, the focus was on figuring out how to send data from a Webflow site that could be in test or production mode to the respective servers using Xano.

The first solution proposed was creating a 'meta table' in the database which will help in differentiating between the test and production environment. It was further explained that based on the host name, one could determine whether to add the test header or not. The discussion identified Wizd's crucial role, as all actions were being run through Xano, but Wizd was primarily handling the post request. The challenge faced was setting up a post request to feature information showing whether the action was being done in the test or regular environment. An alternative hack was discussed, which suggested leveraging HTTP headers in XANO could potentially redirect depending on web request details to lessen the complexity on the front end code. It was agreed that while this approach required more investigation, it would possibly minimize the amount of work required on the front end part. The meeting, though technical, was productive in deliberating on possible solutions for routing data to various servers and could be beneficial for software developers working on similar setups, especially those using Webflow, Xano, AWS, and Wizd.

(Source: Office Hours 12/16 )

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