Discussing WeWeb Integration Challenges and Potential Solutions for Embedding Content from Tableau, Mapbox, and Power BI

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed some issues related to embedding content from several tools like Tableau, Mapbox, and Power BI into websites. Participant Ray was dealing with internal dilemmas about the right way to go about embedding the contents, primarily due to the potential complexity and failure rate of the process. Ray was also using a Lambda function to extract server URLs for the content, utilizing resources from OpenAI.

One of the State Changers suggested finding other tools within Xano — a SaaS platform that simplifies back-end development for web and mobile applications — in order to parse the URL and simplify the process. They discussed the usage of Xano's built-in function, parse URL, which could help reduce the complexity Ray is currently facing and make the process more manageable. This response is designed to aid Ray in reducing decision-making dilemmas and simplify the task. The State Changers also discussed the importance of determining if the desired functionality is feasible from a technical standpoint and how this can be done by utilizing the collaborative nature of the platform. They discussed a strategy of introducing new features to a small group of super fans for testing before releasing them widely. There were additional mentions of using customer feedback to understand what needs to be automated while building new features. The overall goal is to streamline the process, making it more efficient for developers like Ray to integrate third-party data into their projects. Tools/technologies mentioned in the discourse include Xano, OpenAI, Tableau, Mapbox, and Power BI.

(Source: Office Hours 10/6/2023 AM )

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