Discussing WeWeb Language Localization and Email Alert Optimization with Zendesk and SendGrid Integration

The State Changers in this meeting primarily discussed the use of WeWeb and Xano in the context of managing site translations for English and Spanish languages. Key issues included how to send alerts in WeWeb, the handling of translations from dates and text returned from Xano, and sending email reports in different languages with SendGrid.

A significant discussion involved how to automatically detect user language via the Intel package at sign-up or sign-in and whether this should be reinforced every time the user signs in. They agreed that the detected language preference could be routinely updated in Xano's user table field and guide the language of the emails sent with SendGrid. They also considered allowing users to manually change their language in their profile settings, but decided this could introduce conflicts with automatic language detection. The discussion moved on to SendGrid email templates, with the suggestion of using Xano to populate the template text via handlebars. The system they used here distinguished between double handlebars for automatic HTML encoding and triple handlebars for raw transitions. The meeting concluded with the participant seeking a good email designer that could integrate with SendGrid, citing dissatisfaction with SendGrid's offering but also acknowledging the difficulty of editing email HTML. Keywords mentioned in the meeting: WeWeb, Xano, SendGrid.

(Source: Office Hours 9/22/2023 )

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