Discussing Xano API Solutions and Data Aggregation Techniques

In this meeting, State Changers discussed about the implementation of APIs using the Xano platform, specifically focusing on creating authenticated and unauthenticated APIs. They also discussed issues about handling null objects in a database by count distinct functions. An issue was raised where redundant nulls were appearing in the data set whenever there was no matching record in the linked table. The suggested solution to this issue was adjusting the handling of these cases outside of the query within the function stack for performance efficiency.

Also, they discussed the means to aggregate data to derive average OPEX, Solo OPEX, the high OPEX, and a low cost with twenty percent markup. Towards the end of the discussion, participants revealed that they had posted some issues on the Xano community forum and agreed to review the discussion there for more insights. In the end, participants agree to attend to the rest of their tasks at a later time in the day.

(Source: Office Hours 11/21 )

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