Discussion and Troubleshooting on Xano-based Visibility Settings in Web Development

In the meeting, State Changers tried to handle a visibility issue tied to a toggle feature in Xano. They initially encountered two problems: first, showing a section based on a toggle's state, and second, having the toggle state dynamic based on the user's input. They managed to resolve the first issue. However, the section's visibility, linked to the toggle's input, proved problematic and didn't work as expected on page load.

The team concluded that the visibility setting wasn't firing on page load hence the issue. The workaround suggested included shifting the timing of visibility initiation by anchoring it to the edit button click event and using a lower-level CSS directive such as "block vs. none" instead of the built-in visibility feature. The team agreed to explore these suggested solutions and reconvene in office hours if the problem persisted. The humorously acknowledged one team member's passion for Xano, they noted that they would have one more session to address any outstanding issues. There was also an allusion to "whiz level visibility" and possible limitations with "WIS." Although WIS is not explicitly in the keyword list, it might be useful in further investigating the platform or tools in use.

(Source: Office Hours 3/6 )

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