Discussion on Automation Solutions and Troubleshooting Xano Integration Issues

The meeting started with participant Daniel inquiring about a potential method to automate certain processes to save time and cost for the company. He wanted to automate the modification and pushing of certain code to GitHub, with assurances that Flutterflow isn't altered. He got an affirmation that automation is possible for tasks as long as it can be executed as a series of command-line calls.

Next, participant Ivan reported ongoing issues with Xano, particularly a persistent "wheel spinning". Upon scrutinizing the issue, it was noted that there were error messages 502 and 503 appearing, indicative of low-level problems, likely due to moving from the launch to the scale plan. Ivan was advised to push Xano to solve the issue, given that he is a paid customer and they are responsible for keeping the server running. Aside from the ongoing Xano matter, Ivan voiced concern over the potential difficulty of switching from the US to another location due to his APIs' URLs possibly changing. He was informed that the scale plan allows for custom domains, though he raised an issue about the timing of this feature, citing potential difficulties with switching a high volume of APIs from hard-coded hosts to more centralized management. However, this consideration was regarded as something for future investigation, and the focus was pushed back to having Xano fix the server issues. Keywords mentioned in the meeting include Xano, Flutterflow, GitHub, command-line calls, APIs, the scale plan, error messages (502, 503), low-level problems, custom domains, hard-coded hosts, and centralized management.

(Source: Office Hours 8/23/2023 )

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