Discussion on Building Dynamic Pivot Tables in WeWeb with Xano

The State Changers discussed how to set up complex data and data display in a system to allow high control over how data is represented using a matrix. The specific system discussed involves WeWeb, Xano, and Zapier. The process involved creating row keys, querying the database for information, creating variable rows, and then adding to an existing array. The participants also spoke about ways to iterate this process for each row of their database.

Concerning displaying this data on WeWeb, they highlighted the importance of first getting the data from Xano into WeWeb, then connecting that data to a table on WeWeb. They emphasized doing practical work first and trying to understand the system in the process rather than working from theory to application. The participants also touched on running and debugging the system, specifically, observing the counts that would go into the table and the status and date range. They discussed creating and managing keys for the rows of the matrix table, discussing the trade-off between creating dynamic or static keys. Grouping related tasks together for easy readability and management was discussed. Grouping is a logical task and doesn't have any machine-processing impact. It was compared to commenting, used for easier reading and to drag around related tasks. Lastly, the participant advised to revisit the WeWeb tutorials on working with tables to understand how to hook up data to the visual side, working from understanding the problem to implementing the solution.

(Source: Office Hours 8/11/2023 )

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