Discussion on Coding Strategies, Implementing Staging vs Production in Xano, and Setting Up Authentication in Auth0

In the meeting, the State Changers discussed various technical topics with frequent mentions to the platform "Xano". The discussion primarily focused on conditional ("if") statements, staging and production environments in "Xano", difference between "evals" and "addons", and the setting up of "Google OAuth" for authentication. The participants provided details on how "if" statements work, explaining that it can have multiple "ifs" in a sequence when conditions are mutually exclusive, creating a sort of virtual switch statement. For setting up different environments in "Xano", it was mentioned the platform supports branching but not for data. This branching technique was identified as the main method to create staging versus production setups. In distinguishing between "evals" and "addons", they explored how both are similar and often used for joining data, but "addons" help create larger data sets on a per-record basis. Lastly, the team discussed the process of setting up a Google account with "Auth0", identifying "Client ID" for various platforms, and how to integrate this with "Xano". It was suggested to use initial dev keys for setting up, before proceeding to the official set up.

(Source: Office Hours 8/18 )

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